HMS CompactCom B40 Brick Starter Kit


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Product Description

The Anybus CompactCom Starter Kit is a development kit for the Anybus CompactCom platform (chip, brick and module), which gives designers instant access to the capabilities of the Anybus CompactCom range of products. The kit allows both quick demonstration and in depth evaluation capabilities, and enables a potential application to be designed and evaluated in a PC environment.

Source code and Drivers
HMS supplies a free source level (C language) software driver that can be used freely to speed up the development process. The driver acts as “glue” between the Anybus module and the host application, i.e. it separates the low level host interface communication from the host application software and provides easy to use function calls for common Anybus related tasks. The driver is fully OS independent, and can even be used without an operating system if required

Included in the kit
• Anybus USB Board (carrier board for the option board with module and link to the computer)
• Option Board (for module, module without housing or brick depending on choice)
• Anybus CompactCom Expansion Board (for module and module without housing)
• 24V Power Adapter
• USB Cable
• All packaged and delivered in a unique case



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